Formby’s Construction is committed to providing a planned safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors, and ensuring that the General Public is not placed at risk through our operations.

Formby’s Construction believes that safety is good business and that all work related injuries, accidents and property damage are preventable. Therefore, it is our  policy to promote the highest standards in Occupational Health Safety and Welfare and to prevent loss, damage and eliminate injury.

We will seek to achieve this by:

• Making Occupational Health and Safety an essential and integral part of management accountability. Occupational Health Safety and Welfare considerations are not to be compromised by other business objectives.

• Management adopting a planned approach to Occupational Health Safety and Welfare and reviewing the management system at least annually to ensure it is being efficient and effective in achieving the established goals.

• Establish performance targets, monitoring performance and striving to continually improve the Occupational Health and Safety performance with the aim of eliminating work-related injury.

• Managers, Supervisors and Leading Hands will all have allocated responsibilities in the implementation of the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare management system for areas over which they have control.

• Having every employee, contractor and visitor on Company property/sites accept safety as an individual responsibility and a pre-requisite in the planning of all activities.

• Using a consultative process between management, employees and contractors with the view to maintain management systems that promote continuous improvement.

• Ensuring that all work activities are carried out by competent and suitably trained persons.

• Periodically auditing our Occupational Health and Safety Management system, analyse findings and seek continual improvement.

Formby’s Construction aims to meet these commitments by ensuring policies, procedures and safe work systems are adopted that comply or exceed the requirements of all Acts, Regulations, Australian Standards and other statutory provisions governing Occupational Health and Safety.




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